Topical Tips

It’s not too late to plant bulbs, especially if they’re half price in the Garden Centres. Spring bulbs such as Tulips will still have plenty of time to develop. In fact it may be better to plant late given that winters are getting warmer and therefore plants are starting to flower earlier. Ordinary compost will do. For Tulips plant twice the depth of the bulb. Pots can be layered to provide a succession of blooms or layered to provide different heights in the pot. The packets often provide instructions. There’s still time to plant Daffodils (or both in the same container) to prove continuous flowering for longer.

You can leave Dahlia tubers in the ground over the winter, but they may be killed by the frost or pests. It’s generally safer to lift and store them. After lifting them clean them off as much as possible and store them in a cool dry frost free place; wrapping them in old newspaper helps keep them dry.

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Flower Garden

Scatter (lightly) a general fertilizer such as growmore. This will also help around trees and shrubs and roses.

Cut back fuchsia’s and penstemon to about 6 inches above the ground and above buds.

Continue to keep new and tender plants, including Hardy Fuchsias undercover and harden off until all danger of frost has passed.

Train new climbers to strong shoots and feed.

Sow Sweet peas indoors but germinate the seeds first before you pot them.


If you haven’t got a big garden or allotment consider planting some veg in containers or bags. Potatoes do very well in bags but remember to feed and water them. Also, runner beans or

climbing French beans do well in containers, again these need watering and support - you don’t need 6 foot canes pinch the tops out when they are tall enough.

Take hardwood cutting of fruiting currants (Black, Red & White).