Corsham Gardeners Society

About Us

Corsham’s Gardening Society has been in existence since the 50’s, when two local societies amalgamated. We pride ourselves as being a leading group of gardeners not only in Wiltshire but further afield. Our members have won prizes at National and local Shows and our members regularly exhibit at local shows with great success.

We meet in The Corsham Club on the first Tuesday of the month when we get together to relax and be entertained by the evening’s speaker. The talks cover a wide spread of subjects; Growing Perennials, Trees, Roses, Vegetables, Wild Flowers and sowing for insects, keeping Bees, the origin and oddities of Plant names, looking for alpines in the Rockies and many other topics.

We run coach trips to RHS such gardens as Rosemoor, Wisley and other interesting gardens and organise trips to see local gardens. These are run at cost and for RHS gardens entry is free as we are affiliated. It’s not all gardening as we also have several social events each year; a quiz, a plant sale, skittles evenings and a Christmas party. 

We have our own show on August Bank Holiday Sunday where we have entries from all over the area. We usually have about 200 classes covering exhibits ranging from Dahlias, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Pot Plants and window boxes in the floral classes; a wide variety of summer fruits and the Vegetable classes include root and most other vegetables. There are classes for Photography, Art, Handicrafts, Cookery with special sections for children. 

You do not have to have a garden or an allotment to be a member as we welcome all who are interested in the subject. We are always looking for new members and we cater for everyone regardless of age and gardening experience, who like to socialise, learn about nature and would like to get out of the house once in a while. All we ask is a £10 subscription per year.

Contact Maureen or Rodney on 01249 713027 or email [email protected] if you are interested.

Meetings are at 7.30 at The Corsham Club on Newlands Road in Corsham opposite the car park. We'll be in the room opposite the main door. You can get a drink or 

coffee at the bar.